Breakingthrough leader


Paragraphs below will teach you, how to be a breaking through leader (Special for mt little bro n sist, “super Great”  Gamais 2011


Developing a forward-focused organization  requires breakingthrough leaders. These leaders don’t sit and talk about their dreams; they lead revolution. Instead of spending their time pushing data; they recognize lead revolutions start with ideas. They don’t expect ideas to implement themselves because they realize that ideas succeed only to the the extent to which they are well excuted.

Instead of waiting for their turn, they stick their neck out.They don’t dwell on finding fault or rationalizing; instead they provide solutions. They take the initiave rather than waiting for someone else in the company to take a lead.

They don’t wait to be asked; they volunteer.

Instead of waiting for opportunity to knock, they find the door and kick it open.

Breakthrough leaders don’t seize the moment; they seize every moment.

They don’t wait until the times right, that is, when they have all the the nessecary resources, time, information, authority, talent and support from above.

They make things happen in spite of odds. They know leadership  is not given to you, instead you must seize the opportunity to lead.

Dynamic leaders have the guts to approach things in a real time manner to commit resources, to take a stand, and to say ” We can do it!” they have the guts to eliminate the word someday and to squash anything that resembles procrastination. They also have the guts to starts what should have already been started and to drop what what should have been dropped years ago

Innovative leaders know they must have sense a urgency, a tolerance turbulence, and a bias for action. They knowing creating the company’s future is more like exploring than navigating, because when you go where no one has gone before the there are no maps or signs to guide you. They recognize you have to make judgment calls and that you cannot correct one hundred percent of the time. If you want to be at the leading edge you don’t have the luxury of spare time and complete information.

Innovative leaders see reality and attempt to create a whole new one. They have the courage to ask the questions that need to be asked, to challenge the way things have been done, and to take the company where other companies fear to tread. They have the ability to create an environment where people can make a difference. They recognize that for the company to thrive in the years ahead, people at all levels in the company must come up whit the answers to tomorrow’s questions today.

Visionary leaders know that evolutionary change may be too slow. They also know that evolutionary change may be to slow. They also know that radical change may backfire if the company is not ready for it. Innovative leaders recognize that creating their company’s future will require revolutionary evolution.

Taken form “the forward-focus organization”

Barakallah brother & sister. I believe that you with all of “SuperGreat”  Gamais 2011 can surpass “Great Gamais” 2010. ^_^

Breakingthrough leader

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