Gamais in My side

* iseng-iseng men-translate apa yang saya tulis di scrap book gamais ke dalam bahasa inggris. mohon masukannya jika masih banyak susunan kalimat yang salah. Sekalian buat belajar nulis mengingat ujian toefl tinggal 7 hari lagi.. hehe


Hmmp, i was asked to tell about the most memorable moment when i was a BPH in Great Gamais 2010. It’s for scrapbook, i guest. After i think and think again, below, there is a story that i want to tell you. I hope from this story, you can take many inspirations.

Keluarga Mahasiswa Islam ITB , well-known as GAMAIS ITB. Spelling the name always make different sensation for me (you must think it’s exccesive, but trully it’s about how i feel). You can tell, most of the time i spent in my campus, i spent it with my friend in my department, and this organizations named GAMAIS.

There, in Gamais, i truly felt that Allah accepted my du’a when i prayed Allah in my last semester at senior high school.  Back then, i prayed “ya Allah, please give me a good surroundings, the surroundings that  can make me closer to You. Please give me great brothers and sisters whom i can run over to make me closer and closer to You”. Later, when i came to ITB, beside the group called sab*q, i truly felt that in Gamais, Allah has accepted my du’a.

There, in Gamais, i learned to be a better person. I learned how to understand about dakwah and base our love only by Him, understand the quote “ if you see syurga in front of your eyes, why are you doubt to reach it !?”. There, we are charged to use our knowledge not only as a knowledge. Moreover it should be change to be real actions, spread the goodness all over, and inspire people to do the same. And in the same time,we do that without hesitation and feeling tired.  There, i met with extra ordinary brother and sister whom i always wanted to be beside them.

And there, in Gamais, only there, i cried because of dakwah and ukhwah. I remembered the moment, i cried for the first time is when i was proclaimed as “kader muda Gamais 2007”. I cried, because i imagined, what are big “amanah” would come over to us then started to ask myself “ can i handle this !?”.  Then, three years after, i cried again at the moment when this big amanah would over me. I cried again on the day of separation with this amanah.

Huff, i hope that my 3 years in Gamais will make me to be a better better and better person.  Jazakallah khair, for our oldest brother and sister who introduce this amazing organization to me. Thanks for all the inspirations which never stop and i will always remember. I hope that cloud be jarriyah for you in judgement day later.

And for all Gamais 2007 members, special for Great BPH Gamais 2010, only a deep feel of gratefulness  i feel  because He let me meet all of you. I hope we will meet again in His heaven someday. Being brother and sister not only at this time. Because we are family (forever).

Best regards, your brother in Islam

taufiq suryo nugroho

Gamais in My side

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