Legends of Condor Heroes: A Review

Even when repaying favors, we must be clear on what is right and wrong. Though I didn’t do anything for my country as a song. I will never become their enemy. If I were to ignore what is right and wrong to repay khagan’s kindness, then I would be disloyal! (guo jing to khagan)

When a boy love a girl, he becomes smart. When a girl love a boy, she becomes silly (huang rong to guo jing)

Without parting, how it become happy reunion? Without death how would you treasure the loved one before you ? (Qi Qong to his disciple huang rong and guo jing)

Above, is several quotes form one of my favorite TV series ever: Legends of Condor Heroes. I first hear this story about 15-16 years ago, when one of the series is on air in one of TV channel.  One that made me like this drama so much is the variation character in this drama and interaction between them. Besides, you can a lot of inside by watching this drama.

Legend of condor heroes mostly tells us about the adventure of young hero Guo Jing. Gou Jing had a sworn brother named Yang Kang. His father and Yang Kang father were a very good friend and lived at nuan yu village. One day, they opponent, the emperor of the Jin, attack their village. Gou Jing father died because of that and Yang Kang father run away to save his live. How about their wife? Guo Jing mother run away to the north to save her live and her son as well. They were saved by the Mongolian ruled by Khagan while Yang Kang’s mothers were taken by the Jin enemy, Wan Yan Hon Lie. Wan Yan Hon Lie was in love by Yang Kang mother Bou Xiruo, and decided to take her to his palace.

So Guo Jing and Yang Kang live in very different place and surround. As the result, they become very different in character too. Guo Jing developed to be honest and simple minded person. He is honest, straight mind, brave and very kind person. For some level, he is considered as a dump and silly man. while Yang Kang develop to be a smart, ambitious but also slyness. Nurtured by his biggest enemy and forced to call him dad, Yang Kang has become such biased person.

When he was a child, Guo Jing learned martial art form seven freaks of Jian Nan. He never became smart student and learned slowly, but he is diligent disciple and achieved a good base to improve his martial arts. When he ready, he decide to go south in order to revenge his father. In his adventure he met Huang Rong, love of his life. Huang Rong is such a clever and a bit slyness person. Arguably, she is the cleverest person in this drama. She also inherits her father eccentricity. Initially she doesn’t care other people but herself but when she meets Guo Jing, she is impressed with his kindness.

After their first meeting, Guo Jing and Huang Rong became inseparable couple. They adventure together and can’t help to fall in for each other. Their adventure also grows both of their personality and martial art skills.  Form this adventure it is clear that they fulfill each other personality. Huang Rong cleverness helps Guo Jing to master powerful martial arts form the masters, and Guo Jing kind hearted make Huang Rong to be a better person as well. It is better said : Huang Rong gives Guo Jing brain, but Guo Jing gives Huang Rong heart.

They adventure on pugilist word and meet 4 masters in this era, north beggar, western venom, eastern heretic, and south emperor. They met North Beggar and he decide to take them both as his disciple. They meet southern emperor to recover Huang Rong injury after they chase Book of Wumu in Mt. Iron Plam. They meet Huang Rong’s Father, Eastern Heretic, in Peach blossom island. So Guo Jing can propose marriage to Huang Rong. The antagonist one of this series is western venom. He obsessed by martial arts and doesn’t care anything else includes her nephew (son).

This series also tells us about the development of Guo Jing and Yang Kang relationship. Initially they are sworn brother, but later after Yang Kang betrayal over and over again, they become enemy. Yang Kang is a suspect who kills Guo Jing’s teacher seven freaks of Jian Nan. Yang Kang also betrays Song Country, his own country and become Jin general, but in the end it is him who killed “his own father” and his biggest enemy, Wanyang Hong Lie.  His character is mixed up between good and bad. Sometimes he is in good side, but most of the time he is in bad side. But there is only his love to Mu Niancy that didn’t change. Mu Niancy is his wife, a girl that rise up by his biological father.

In the end of this series, Gou Jing and Huang Rong, finally get married, and live happily in peach blossom island (an island own by eastern heretic). But it always be threats they must overcome: Mongolian plan to invade Song territory after success to defeat Jin. They also have to rise up Yang Kang and Mu Niancy child Yang Gou, after his mother died. They adventure continue in next sequel of this drama : The Return of Condor Heroes. But the main role of this drama is Yang Guo, the child of Yang Kang and Mu Niancy.

Legends of Condor Heroes: A Review

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