The Benini

last Sunday, i went to Gasibu, initially my first intention was to buy curtain for my new room. But as i walked around to find the cheapest one i ended up buy this… hehehe, here let me introduce the new resident in my room : The Benini…

Yeah,The Benini is Banana doll that i bought that time. There are reasons why I bought this doll, First Banana is my favorite fruit, i suppose this doll will remind me to eat enough fruit during my day. Second look at the expression of this doll, although there are smile in his mouth, the smile don’t reach his eyes. The expressions reminds me a lot about myself. Read this. So i suppose by this doll will always remind me to be honest to myself. Let the smile reach my eye. The last reason, I think this doll can be used as comfortable pillow in my bed. His inside is made by silicon, so he always return to his original form even I use it as a pillow.

Welcome The Benini !!

The Benini

5 thoughts on “The Benini

    1. yeah, his inside is silicons, the trader said to me, when i ask him… if the inside is foam (i don’t think it is the right word, but you understand what i mean? right?) or kapok, it can crumple and can’t be used as a pillow again…

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